A time-gated game, to clear the passage for the player and exit the map before the lava gets to him.


Abhishek Agarwal
Ujwal Kumar

Art And Sound Assets From :

https://opengameart.org/content/sewer-tileset (Art by MrBeast. Commissioned by OpenGameArt.org (http://opengameart.org))



Install instructions

This is a Rar file, download it and extract in the empty folder.
Play PassageForTheBug.exe once its extracted.


Passage For Bug.zip 19 MB


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This was a fun little game, I really enjoyed it! It wasn't clear to me at first that I needed to find the sewer rather than any edge, but once I figured that out I enjoyed how precise the timing needed to be, and the almost rhythmic restarts between attempts.

The flash at the beginning of each round is really nice - did you consider making the level random each time so that you'd need to memorize it quickly?

Hello, Glad that you liked the game, and yes we did had plans to randomize the level,and to add more levels but due to lack of time we couldnt do that